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2010 Montreux Real Estate Sales

In this post, I will provide a summary of 2010 Montreux Real Estate Sales and illustrate what the overall real estate trends for the last five years have been for Montreux.

2010 Home Sales in Montreux

Total sales for 2010 show a 19% increase over 2009, with 21 total home sales. Buyers in 2010 took advantage of some great buys! The average price-per-square-foot for 2010 was $229. A contributing factor to the increase was the fact that Montreux home prices have decreased by 14%, in the last year

Busy January

The word has gotten out that there are some incredible buying opportunities in Montreux right now. Since January 1, 2011, 8 homes have either gone into escrow or have sold. That is 38% of all home sales for 2010 (21 total). Not a bad start to 2011!

Montreux Real Estate Trends

I am often asked about the trend of Montreux real estate prices. Following are two charts that show the total number of homes sold and the price per SF trends for the last five years.

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