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February 2013 Montreux Real Estate Report

Since December 2012, luxury real estate activity in Reno Nevada has been crazy hot!

Californians are exiting the state in droves, with a lot of wealthy people moving to Nevada.

I know this, because I meet people from California every, single, day. It is amazing the amount of people leaving.

Hard to blame them, of course. Not many people enjoying living in a state that leaches on to the wealthy and punishes success.

What I like most, is people are finally realizing how beautiful Reno Nevada is. And, they can really see themselves living here—in a lot of cases, moving their entire business to Reno!

At any rate, let’s get on to the sales report.

Since the beginning of the year we have had 3 homes sales and another 12 homes go into escrow. We have had 2 custom lot sales and another 2 lots go into escrow.

Montreux Homes Sales

6034 Breithorn Ct. — Listed at $1,100,000
6594 Champetre Ct. — Listed at $1,395,000
5920 Lausanne Drive — Listed at $1,689,000

Pending Home Sales in Montreux

6350 Wetzel Ct. — Listed at $775,000
16940 Delacroix Ct. — Listed at $825,000
5740 Dijon Cr. — Listed at $849,000
5965 Gauguin — Listed at $850,000
5945 Gauguin — Listed at $850,000
5695 Alpinista Cr. — Listed at $1,090,000
20659 Chanson Way — Listed at $1,032,000
20636 Chanson Way — Listed at $1,100,000
6050 Lake Geneva Dr. — Listed at $1,185,000
5520 Lausanne Dr. — Listed at $1,195,000
5540 Lausanne Dr. — Listed at $1,795,000
6001 Monte Rosa Ct. — Listed at $2,495,000

Custom Montreux Lot Sales

16880 Delacroix (Lot #721) — Listed at $115,000
6745 De Chardin (Lot #918) — Listed at $237,000

Pending Montreux Lot Sales

16845 Salute Ct. – Lot #815 — Listed at 99,000
6605 De Chardin – Lot #911 — Listed at $249,000

Luxury Real Estate in Reno

If you are interested in taking a personal tour of Montreux and viewing additional luxury properties in Reno, contact Brooke, Monica or Rob today by clicking here.

The Montreux Welcome Center is open 7 days per week, and we are always available by phone at 775-849-9444.

Build a Custom Home in Reno and Lake Tahoe

As mentioned above, we have experienced an increase in buyer activity for custom lots in Montreux and South Reno.

If you are interested in building a custom home in Montreux, South Reno, Lake Tahoe or Martis Camp—we highly recommend Northern Nevada’s well respected custom home builder, Lakecrest Builders.

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