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Realtor Etiquette

How many times have you been with a real estate professional on a house tour that went something like this:

Here’s the bathroom… here’s the toilet… here’s the kitchen… here’s the refrigerator”… and so on?

Realtors: Buyers become more and more savvy—often purchasing multiple properties in a lifetime. Treat Buyers with respect.

The time home Buyers spend with a luxury real estate professional has taken on a different role.

No longer does a realtor need to show off the basics. To experienced Buyers these items are either self explanatory, or the basics have been viewed through virtual tours and internet listing displays.

Sell the Sizzle

What a successful real estate agent should demonstrate is what makes your home “Sizzle”?

  • How is your house different than other homes?
  • What is the emotional tie to the home?
  • Why should a Buyer purchase this house?

Good agents must learn to tell a story.

For example, instead of pointing out the obvious “here’s the kitchen”, the agent can paint a picture of using that fabulous gourmet kitchen for an intimate dinner party.

There is plenty of room for your family and close friends to share a bottle of wine around these comfortable bar stools and expansive granite bar, while the family chef works his/her magic on the very best range. What an ideal space for everyone to be together in this great room layout! You know everyone follows the smell of good cooking.

This story telling idea works best when you know some details about the Buyers—what some of their “triggers” and preferences are.

If they hate to cook, skip painting a picture about the highlights of the SubZero Refrigerator. Instead focus on the homes proximity to some of the areas best restaurants.

If they have children, discuss how the bonus room would be the ideal place for game nights and sleep-over’s.

And, for the couple with no kids, that same bonus room has the perfect windows for an exercise room, providing views and ventilation!

Don’t Be a Helicopter

In order for the Buyer to truly feel an emotional connection to a home, do not hover over them throughout the house.

Paint the picture. Determine if there is interest in the home. Then get out of the way!

There is nothing worse than following a prospective Buyer from room to room, hovering at each step.

Give Buyers Space

After the Buyers have seen the home, give them some space. Offer to step out onto the patio, while they take a seat in the family room and enjoy the view.

If they are captivated by the back yard landscaping, offer them a spot on one of the patio chairs with the excuse of checking your voicemail inside.

This will give them a chance to discuss the pros and cons of the house, and most importantly, the opportunity to envision themselves living in the home.