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The Seven Seller Sins

1. Don’t be insulted by low offers.

Low bids often turn into an accepted deal. Take each offer seriously because the first offer is often the best.

In today’s market, 4 out of 5 Buyers expect a counter offer.

The first offer can simply be the start of the conversation.

2. Leave the property during open houses and showings

The Seller / home owner needs to leave the house during showings.

A potential Buyer isn’t going to open up closets and medicine cabinets when the owner is present. It’s hard for a buyer to visualize the home as their own with the current owner milling around.

If you have to stay, remain outside or in the smallest, most unattractive room. If the prospect asks you a question, be polite, yet as curt as possible.

Leave questions and answers up to the real estate professional. It is their job to “sell” your home.

3. Clean up the closets.

When a Buyer sees a really clean closet they’ll think the house has been maintained well throughout.

A clean and organized closet—what they can see—means what they cannot see, e.g., electrical, wiring, plumbing, et cetera are also in good shape.

4. Make the small, visible repairs now.

Replace light bulbs, repaint, fix cracks, and so on before putting the home on the market.

Although most Sellers do not what to put any more money into the home they are trying to sell, they will net more in negotiations if the Buyer does not expect to make these repairs themselves after the sale.

5. Remove the clutter.

Clear off counter tops and put away personal items, e.g., picture frames and nick nacks. A messy room always looks smaller.

6. Invest in quality, professional photography.

With 80% of all Buyers doing their homework online, the old concept of “curb appeal” is now seen through good photography.

The first time a Buyer will see your house, will most likely be online, versus driving by.

Make sure the photographer uses a wide angle lens and pictures are taken in the right light.

7. Choose an agent that is internet savvy.

Home buyers are doing their homework online. If your home is not online, your home won’t be seen.

When you are ready to sell your home, get a real estate agent with a solid online marketing strategy.